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Screening for maternal sepsis can be challenging partly because changes like a faster heart rate can mask signs of sepsis.
May 30, 2024

Pregnancy-related deaths are on the rise…and sepsis is a big reason

More and more people each year are dying from complications related to pregnancy and delivery. In the United States, deaths...

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Researchers are trying to find new ways to diagnose endometriosis. Currently, surgery is the only definitive way.
September 28, 2023

Endometriosis under a microscope

Endometriosis is when cells from the lining of your uterus grow in other areas of your body. Some places they...

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Emerging research is helping health care providers find the best treatments to relieve menopausal symptoms and improve the experience of aging.
September 12, 2023

What we know—and still don’t know—about menopause

If you menstruate (have periods), menopause is when your menstrual cycle ends for 12 consecutive months. Aside from the reproductive system,...

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Hot flashes and heart palpitations are possible symptoms of menopause.
September 07, 2023

Menopause: What you need to know

If you menstruate (have periods), menopause is when your menstrual cycle ends for 12 consecutive months. It is a natural stage...

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More research to improve maternal health outcomes is needed.
January 06, 2022

By the numbers: Health disparities in pregnancy

Approximately 700 women die each year in the U.S. as a result of pregnancy-related complications. American Indian/Alaska Native women...

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Researchers are working to understand what causes preeclampsia, a condition whose symptoms include high blood pressure.
December 16, 2021

Preeclampsia: What you need to know

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related disorder in which the mother's high blood pressure reduces the blood supply to the fetus....

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