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Dr. Todd Telle’s dry eye condition started when he moved from the East Coast to the West Coast.
April 05, 2019

A doctor’s perspective: Living with dry eye

Dry eye can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Untreated, it can turn into a chronic condition. For Dr. Todd Telle, the...

Dry Eye
Penny A. Asbell, M.D., suggests going to an eye doctor if self-treatment for dry eye doesn't work.
April 04, 2019

What the latest science says about omega-3 for dry eye

Penny A. Asbell, M.D., led a study to see if omega-3 fatty acid supplements really help dry eye. The...

Dry Eye

March 06, 2019

Dry eye: An overview

What is dry eye? Dry eye disease, or dry eye, occurs when the quantity or quality of tears fails to...

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